Poets translating poets: Patrizia Sardisco & Julia Leverone

parallel texts: words reflected

On Mothering

©Julia Leverone

Grown diverted to light on water,
pine boughs hang like wings,

their tufts soft-skirted
meanwhile root cling

and anti-gravity strain. Mother,
when my father steadied me

as I walked sliding stones,
forging the hip-deep river—

understand that fathering
is a quieter endeavor.

But earlier:
were we not sisters,

dressed in our waders?
Were we not both dancing sisters?

This was what you both yearned for
and feared—

I went forth among the red-new
saplings, the grasses,

stepping the sink-holes
in the banks—

and your tumbling, slow suffering,
in the dark stiffness behind.

 Della cura materna

©Julia Leverone

Cresciute in modo da aleggiare sull’acqua
frasche di pini appese come ali,

le chiome lievi come gonne
le radici si aggrappano

e tirano contro gravità. Mamma,
quando mio padre mi sosteneva

mentre percorrevo scivolosi sassi,
forgiando il fiume ad altezza fianco –

era chiaro che la cura paterna

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